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About SprinklerDesignTexas.com

SprinklerDesignTexas.com is an Irrigation Design Company working with Irrigation Contractors, Landscape Architects, and Project Owners in the Great State of Texas. Our specialties are residences, athletic fields, and commercial sites.


SprinklerDesignTexas.com will design according to your preferences in the Controller, Backflow Device, Rain Sensor, Irrigation Control Valves, Sprinkler Heads, Nozzles. If there is specific pipe requirement, please let us know. We can insert hydraulic information into the design as required. The Plan will include the legend indicating the quantity of major components in the irrigation system including a sprinkler head count and pipe lengths by feet. We also provide valve notations that indicate the valve number, size, and gallons per minute. If Hydraulic tables are required per valve, we can also include that on the plan. Don't stress out over the design part, when we can make it so easy for you to focus on the field work. We can even color coat each zone with a different color for easy installation by the crews. We of course include the design pressure on the plan.


SprinklerDesignTexas.com is here to help. We have been in the irrigation business since 1998 and have extensive experience in all types of projects from schools, churches, sports fields, apartments complexes, and residential customers.

(1) We will design and install a complete or partial landscape irrigation system on your property. Our highly qualified service consultant will develop a detailed plan, providing layout of all sprinklers, valves and timers. We employ multiple Licensed Irrigators in the state of Texas and use state-of-the-art tools, such as RainCAD and AutoCAD for accuracy and efficiency.

(2) To get started on a design we require a PDF or AutoCAD file emailed to our office. It helps to have any site specific information like flower bed location, timer location, water meter location and size, sleeving information. We also need to know what pressure you have on site to do the design. If you are on a well, we need to know the range of operating pressure.

(3) If you would like the design to be in a particular size of paper like 11x17 or 22x36, let us know.

(4) we can usually have a residential design done in a couple of days. If you need it sooner or yesterday, we will do our best to make it happen. Commercial designs can take a little bit longer.

(5) Water Conservation and Protection is our new focus and we want to help with education and service. If you would like to specify Hunter MP Rotators or Toro O Series Nozzles, or Drip Irrigation we design with those products all the time.

(6) A large part of the water conservation opportunity can also come from the end user the home owner, project owner scheduling the time on the irrigation system effectively and efficiently. This is often challenging to the project owner because they can be intimidated by the timer or irrigation controller.

(7) Pricing for residential designs on a 12 gallon per Minute Basis is $100.00 for 12 Zones and Below. Commercial Design is priced differently, we can give you pricing and time of completion after we receive the drawing file.

State Law

"Irrigation In Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality,(TCEQ)(MC-178), PO Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087. The TCEQ's website is www.tceq.state.tx.us"


We are happy to provide you with references to our customers with requirements similar to yours. Please call us at 512-366-8118 or WaterWorksIrrigation@gmail.com and we'll send you the names of at least three of our satisfied customers.

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Backflow Prevention Site:  http://www.backflowinspector.com
Sample Designs:  http://www.sprinklerfix.com/drawings/index.htm
Contact Us

You can call us at 512-366-8118 and we'll be happy to send out an irrigation designer to discuss your needs and provide a free estimate. Or, you can e-mail us at waterworksirrigation@gmail.com and tell us the best way to contact you.

Landscaping & Patios

We can also handle your hardscaping and patio design.

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